One Click ShutDown Button For Windows 8

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Make One click shutdown button

it’s very easy way to make a one click shutdown button for windows 8

Now I told you, How to make it?


The first thing you’ll need to do is power on your computer, logon and get to your Desktop.  After you logon and get to your Start Screen, simply click on your “Desktop” tile.


This will take you to into “Desktop” mode and allow you to create the shortcuts.


Right click anywhere in a free / blank space on the desktop and select “New” > “Shortcut”.


windows Shortcut


In the “Create Shortcut” window, simply type, or copy and paste the below text to create the shortcut for “Logoff” as shown in the below screenshot.

C:\Windows\System32\Shutdown.exe -t 0 -l –f

If any of you are wondering about the above, the last portion of the text are switches that tell shutdown.exe, a program included with Microsoft Windows 8 and some previous versions, to perform some actions.  The “-t 0” (there is a space between the -t and the 0) tells shutdown.exe the time to wait for the shutdown sequence, which in this case is 0 seconds, or immediately.  The “-l” is a hyphen and a lowercase L, which tells shutdown.exe to logoff, and the “-f” tells shutdown.exe to force all applications to close.  With this simple method, we will create the icons to also shut down and restart Windows 8.

new Shortcut

Click “Next” and then type the name of the shortcut as “Logoff”.


Click Finish.  You’ll see a new icon on your desktop that looks like the below.


At this point, the shortcut will function, but it isn’t that pretty, so we want to modify it to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Right click on the Logoff shortcut that you just created and select, “Properties”..


In the Logoff Properties window, click on the “Change Icon” button.

Logoff Properties

When you click the “Change Icon” button, you may see the “Change Icon” warning below that states that the file “shutdown.exe” contains no icons.  This is okay and is by design.  When you click “OK” you will be given a list to choose an icon from.

You scroll through the list using the arrows at the bottom and select any icon you wish.  I chose the yellow/orange “Eject” button for the “Logoff” shortcut.


You will see the new icon chosen in the top left corner of the “Logoff Properties” window.  Now select “Minimize” from the drop down menu for “Run:” as shown below.

Logoff Properties2

Click “Apply” then, “OK”.  You’ve just finished your “Logoff” shortcut for “Desktop” mode.  You may drag this icon anywhere you like on your desktop.  I like to put mine in the bottom right corner of my monitor.

To add it to your Start Screen, simply right-click it and select, “Pin to start”.


You should now have a “Logoff” tile added all the way to the right of the rest of your tiles in your Start Screen.  You may drag this wherever you like in your Start Screen.

———————– end One Click ShutDown Button For Windows 8 ————————

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