CS6 Brush

Smudge Photoshop CS6 Brush Set By FrostBo

Smudge Photoshop CS6 Brush Set
Smudge Photoshop CS6 Brush Set

*20 Photoshop preset for smudge
*300 DPI
*I made them with PS 7 but compatible CS5,CS6 and following with more information with cs version soon an compatible with Element
**Gimp user read the important note below.


Original Size in PCX
From left to right and from up to down.
01- 435 PCX 11- 742 PCX
02- 416 PCX 12- 419 PCX
03- 744 PCX 13- 783 PCX
04- 944 PCX 14- 302 PCX
05- 808 PCX 15- 92 PCX
06- 629 PCX 16- 184 PCX
07- 482 PCX 17- 198 PCX
08- 394 PCX 18- 431 PCX
09- 465 PCX 19- 1000 PCX
10- 829 PCX 20- 984 PCX

This template show 92% Strength and 100 PCX Test.
Preset use :
-Pen pressure
-Shape Dyn.
-Color Dyn.
-Other Dyn.

You can use them as normale brushes and this set include my last test smoke effect.But they are preset for smudge.
And they are really multipurpose for cloud,smoke,skin,fur, and hair by smudge.
*Hair and fur, drop the strength to 70% and less and turn the brushes with the proper angle for your work.
Fade preset is a good one for small detail hair or fur, but dynamic can do the job.


I assume you understand all the brushes you can find in my account are exclusive and all are my own work without modification and duplication, this is needed to be clarify for everyone.

I made them in PS 7 but compatible with CS5,CS6 and more information will follow for PS version soon, also compatible with Element. More question feel free.





Star Brushes

Star Brushes
Star Brushes



Star brushes for Photoshop!

Made in Photoshop CS6, should work in earlier versions. If not, notify me.

These are free to use!





Blaz Fractal CS Brushes

Blaz Fractal Brushes
Blaz Fractal Brushes







Lens Flare cs6 brush

Lens Flare Brush
Lens Flare Brush




How to install brushes in Photoshop
EDIT>PRESET MANAGER>LOAD and find where you download these brushes and click OK

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