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Now we are going to start exciting 3D text design how to design 3D text by Photoshop Software. There is no alternative way to learn 3D text without tutorial so let’s start to learn 3D text design depend on tutorial.This tutorial will teach you how to create and style a 3D text in Adobe Photoshop. Using this tutorial.

 Tutorial you will learn not only how to create great looking 3D texts in Photoshop but also any kind of 3D object. Work with any Photoshop version. I have already created an action for Graphic River that basically does the same thing, but you can’t really customize that one unless you have some more knowledge above this tutorial.

Anyway, following this tutorial, you will have full control over the results – specially the perspective angle and height of the text. You can also check out the PSD file included to see the how the 3D text looks and take a look at the Blending Options.

3D Text

3D Text

Step# 1

We’re going to start by making a new design, at first take new page like this, 1024×768, 72 dpi. Here we’re going to make a text layer. Black to be visible on the white background, but the color doesn’t really matter as we’re going to change it later. An Arial Bold, 180 pt sizes would be good. My text has a tracking of 100, so there’s a little space between the letters, but that’s not important either.

new design

New Text Design

Now we will add a perspective look to the text so that it will look like standing on a flat surface. First we must rasterize the text layer. Right-click on the text layer in the layers panel and select.

Rasterize type…

Rasterize type

Rasterize type

The text is not going to be editable now, but we are able to add perspective to it. Go to Edit –Transform – Perspective. A container for the text will appear. Click on the left corner (or right one) and while holding the click button, drag it inside, towards the center, until you see an H: angle value of around 40 in the transform toolbar.

Edit – Transform

Edit – Transform

Then, without hitting Enter or OK, go again to Edit – Transform and select Scale. Now, click on the upper middle control point and drag it down until the H: value is around 60%. Hit enter or the OK button.

Edit – Transform-2

Edit – Transform-2


Step# 2

With the text layer selected, make sure the move tool on the toolbar is clicked (the arrow with a cross). Now

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